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A Guide to Construction Management Jobs

Construction Management Jobs

What are Construction Management Jobs?

Construction Management Jobs are defined as types of employment rooted within the administrative and regulation of commercial activity undertaken as a result of the performance and contracting of construction efforts; construction is recognized as an activity in which structures undergo the process of manual building, modification, renovation, or destruction.

The job responsibilities latent within the vast expanse of Construction Management Jobs will typically include the oversight of a construction project; however, in many cases, Construction Management Jobs do not include for the individual undertaking the position of employment to participate within the physical construction.

Which Certifications and Education are Required for Construction Management Jobs?

Although the responsibilities undertaken by various Construction Management Jobs is rarely uniform, the most common degree required of individuals interested in the attainment of Construction Management Jobs is a Master’s Degree in Construction Management:

A Construction Management Master’s degree is considered to be a secondary degree, which cannot be earned through undergraduate education – typically, graduate school programs or specialized secondary educational institutions are considered to be the only avenues of this degree

However, certain Construction Management Jobs will not require a Master’s Degree; the necessity for such a degree is largely determined by the implicit Construction Management Job responsibilities and focus

Types of Construction Management Jobs

The job responsibilities within Construction Management Jobs are rarely uniform; certain Construction Management Jobs will require advanced knowledge of finance, while others may require advanced knowledge of laws and statutory legislation concerning commercial, construction, and zoning laws. The following are amongst the most common varieties of specialties latent within Construction Management Jobs:

Contractual Construction Management Jobs

Construction Management Jobs focusing on contractual agreements will typically range from the creation of the terms of construction as expressed within a construction contract to the regulation of contracts undertaken with all laborers and employees:

Construction Contracts express the terms of the construction project, which include the establishment of a rate for service, a definitive date of completion, as well as additional stipulations for the protection of both parties entering the contract

Employee Contracts express the terms of labor into which both the construction company, as well as any or all employees enter; these contracts are required to adhere to labor and employment laws applicable to the jurisdiction in which the construction is taking place

Financial Construction Management Jobs

Construction Management Jobs focusing on finance will typically include the administration and oversight of the monetary portion of the construction project:

Construction Management Jobs associated with finance may be required to manage the finances and funding of the individual project, as well as maintain relationships with investors

Legal Construction Management Jobs

Construction Management Jobs will typically require both the analysis and administration of any or all applicable legislation including contract law, commercial law, construction law, and employment law; perhaps the most common types of Construction Management Jobs rooted in law include a vast knowledge of zoning statutes and ordinances.

Administrative Construction Management Jobs

Construction Management Jobs will typically require the individual or individuals to directly oversee the project; this can include monitoring progress, ensuring a safe workplace environment, and the administration of all requirements required by the Occupational and Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA)

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